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 Saying thank you in today’s high powered high-tech marketplace has been relegated to the status of an unwanted stepchild in our marketing mix. We spend so much time researching, planning, targeting our next move that we fail to realize the impact that a simple thank you can have on our existing customer base or on someone we have just met.  We build these vast and complex business models failing to realize that they must be lubricated regularly. A Thank You is the oil that makes the machinery work efficiently and productively.


Thank- You – Let me count the ways!


1 A Simple Note –Don’t wait, put it on your to do list within 3 days! Purchase stock cards or better yet, cards with your logo and business name. Always include the person’s name, the event i.e., service/product they bought or used, referral, etc. and wish them success as a result of your relationship. Tell them what the value of their business means to you. End with the promise of continued service for the future. Make this a habit!


2. Meal/Food Gift- Invite them to a meal or send a gift certificate to their favorite restaurant.  Send breakfast or lunch to the office as a thank you. Other food gifts can range from pizza, fruit baskets, cookie platters or even custom chocolates. What ever it is, just check beforehand that it is suitable and they’re not allergic or have other food restrictions.


3. Memberships/Subscriptions – Video, health club, and spa memberships are a welcomed gift. Subscriptions to magazines or satellite radio are also well received. These are regular reminders of your appreciation.


4. Entertainment – Purchase tickets to sporting events, theatre, concerts, etc. with your client’s availability in mind. Movie tickets are usually valid for any performance. Music download cards are available with or without your company’s logo.


5. Hobbies – Knowing your clients’ interests can facilitate your choice for a gift. Sending a box of custom imprinted golf balls or tennis balls that are waiting for your client at the golf course or tennis court has a major impact.


6. Charity/Family – Sending a donation to your client’s favorite charity is a welcomed gift. A gift that can be shared with a client’s family can go a long way. Items such as book of the month, circus tickets, luggage, a certificate for a weekend stay at a resort or hotel, or amusement park tickets such as Great Adventure are appreciated.


7. Flowers/Plants – Flower arrangements and plants are not only for birthdays, anniversaries and Valentine’s Day. It’s a gift that attracts the office staff to compliment on it and learn about who sent it.


8. Custom Gifts – There are many fine custom items that can be purchased with your company logo and message as a thank you gift.  Whether it’s custom mugs, embroidered blankets, USB’s, MP3 players, cameras, digital picture frames, etc., many companies send different gifts based on the perceived value or sales volume of their clients. These serve as constant reminders of your company.


9. Business/ Referral – Reciprocating with business for your client either by using their services or recommending them to others. Tell them to expect a call from a referral.


Note: Always check with your client what their corporate policy is on gifts. It will save you time and the embarrassment if it gets returned!


ps. Don't forget to thank your employees! Where would you be without them?


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