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Joel Landau on Israel's Revolutionary Inventions

Never before have new innovations unfolded so quickly, with no signs of slowing down whatsoever. Latest technologies and innovations have the potential to improve millions of lives and make the world a better place. During its 65-years of existence, despite its challenges of geography, size and diplomacy, Israel has slowly evolved into a global tech giant. At the forefront of scientific research the country’s high-tech discoveries excel as the world's hot spot for everything tech. Joel Landau recognized this positive trend, and in 2011 founded a non-profit film production company that identifies, researches, and reports on how Israeli innovations improve the daily lives of people throughout the world. The idea behind this is to change the negative outlook of the country reflected on TV and other media, and focus the attention on the country’s positive initiatives.

From environmental science to computer innovations and from aerospace engineering to pharmaceuticals, Israeli scientists have contributed to a wide variety of innovations and have played an important role in everyday living. As the executive director of IUP, Landau has followed the best tech creations to come from Israel. With 140 per 10,000 employees, this small and relatively new country has more scientists, technicians, and engineers per capita than any other nation in the world. After Silicon Valley in California, Israel’s “Silicon Wadi” has the highest concentration of high-tech industries, and is one of the country’s biggest sources of pride.

The enormous numbers of inventions and innovations that have taken root on the soil of Israel have given rise to startups that deal with innovations from the fields of agricultural irrigation and GPS navigation to life-saving cancer treatments. The strength of Israeli startup scene has come a long way since the first "entrepreneurs", and has provided a wealth of opportunities. Through his work, Joel Landau encourages both innovators and investors to get these amazing inventions to the people who need them. Furthermore, the country’s first class educational institutions have given birth to knowledgeable scientists, doctors, engineers, and other kinds of experts that lead research trends in their fields. 

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